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  • Natural Fertility Management
  • Infertility Treatment

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1. What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture restores health and harmony by means of the insertion of fine, sing-use, pre-sterilized needles into the body at precise points to treat specific disorders, These points are located along energy pathways that run through our bodies. The pathways are called meridians. Manipulating the needles frees energy " blockages" and restores our energy balance.

2. Is Acupuncture hurt?

When an acupuncture point in the body is stimulated, the patient should feel some tingling and a heavy sensation, distention, numbness, a dull ache and sensation that radiates a way from the point of insertion or perhaps nothing at all.

Most people do not mind the mild stimulation generated by an acupuncture needle because the benefits of the treatment are quickly felt. Any discomfort experienced by patients is usually mild.

3. Does Acupuncture has side-effect?

Acupuncture is a safe and proven therapy that has been practised for more than 4000 years, making it one of the oldest natural therapies. It has none of the adverse side-effects associated with some medication. it is drug-free and effective treatment for range of disorders that western medicine may not help , particularly chronic and painful conditions.

4. What does Chinese Herbal Medicine do?

Chinese Herbal Formulas creat lasting positive change to your health by treating the cause of disease. The root cause of disease is diagnossed by examining the pulse and tongue. That is used to treat a wide range of external and internal problems without having adverse effect on other area of your health

5. How Chinese Herbal Medicine preseribed?

Chinese Herbal Medicine Fomaula is tailored according to the individual patient and client.

6. How do I take Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese Herbals can be taken singly or in combination. Traditionally, raw herbs are slowly simmered in a ceramic pot and the resulting liquid ( decoction ) taken as prescribed. These days, chinese herbs are also available in various manufactured forms, including pills, granules, powders, tablets, capsles and tinctures. These are usually taken with water. Externally, Chinese Herbal Medicine are use in ointments, tinctures and plasters.

7. Do Herbs have side-effects?

An experienced herbalist able to prescribe accurately herbs that do not produce side-effects.

8. What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the ancient technique of applying the feet. It is based on the principle that correspond to all major organs, glands and body parts. it is very effective for stress release and relaxation.

9. What is Myofascial Release ?

Myofasical Release is the application of tight fascia ( connective tissue ), Thus restoring normal alignment and function. Myofascial Release can facilitate the emergence of negative emotional patterns which may impede the healing process, and is effective for many disorders, including chronic pain syndromes.

10. What is Shiatsu?

This traditional Japanese technique of diagnosis and treatment is a method in which the thumbs and the palms of the hand are used to apply pressure to certain points, Deep pressure is used to stimulate these points, clearing blockage and restoring the flow of energy to the body.

11. What is Aromtherapy?

The benefits of therapeutic massage can be further increased through the appropiate application of essential oils.

12. What is Remedial Massage?

Remedial Massage is deeper and firmer form of massage, which facilitates relief of musulo-skeletal tension and pain and improves general mobility of affected joint.

13. What is Lymph Drainage Therapy?

Years of stress can take their toll, on even the healthiest human being. this deeply felaxing slow light moving therapy helps turn back the clock by offering a wealth of benefit, from chronic pain relief to mini-facelifting.

Women's Health Specialist Women's Health Specialist
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